Wednesday, June 27, 2012

18 Week Anatomy Scan

Well, I have a feeling I've made some enemies over the past day.  :) 

My doctor's appointment yesterday went really good, but we decided to NOT reveal their genders until we can have a party and tell everyone at the same time.  With Taylor in softball tournaments starting tonight and going every night for the rest of the week, and my brother and his family will be coming back for a visit this Saturday evening - we decided to wait until Sunday afternoon to share our secrets!

BUT, I do have other pictures to share, so I will fill in the anatomy portion of the scan today and the gender part will wait until after the party!

So we'll start with Baby "A". This is the one that is on the bottom, and will be born first.  "A" was super calm, and "A" just let my nurse take all the pics that she wanted and when we were looking at "A"'s legs, we all of a sudden had several legs in the picture.  "B" decided it was their turn to be the center of attention and didn't want to wait any longer to show up on the screen.  Thankfully "A" had shown us all we needed to see at that time, so we move on up to "B"...

When she started Baby "B"'s scan it was quite apparent that "B" is definitely a show off.  I've noticed this in quite a few other scans, too!  "B" was flipping around, stretching, putting it's hands up to it's face, and when we finally saw all that we needed to see and measure "B" was still going strong.

We were told that "B" is a little bigger than "A" and that it's normal since they are not identical.  Everything measured within the normal ranges and "A" is currently weighing 8 oz. and is in the 35th %, while "B" is 9 oz. and is in the 80th %.  I was assured again that this is totally normal.

When she was getting ready to be done we noticed that "B" had moved down so that it's head was right next to "A"'s as if to say "It's OK, I'm still here."   I do hope that they will be each others best friends growing up!

So, watch for reveal updates coming soon!!!   Love and Peace to All!



  1. This is soooo exciting, I can't wait to hear the news!!!!

  2. I've been wanting to respond to Cory and see how things were going;} and I jump on here and see this posting and am so happy for your family!!!!!! Just under the half way mark;} Congrats and take it easy.
    Marybeth Creps

    1. I'm taking it as easy as possible! Getting past the next 8 weeks will be tough for me!