Saturday, August 18, 2012

25 Weeks - So Many Mixed Emotions!

Well, we've hit the 25 week mark.  For most people this would really be no big deal, and I'm trying not to dwell on it a whole lot but . . .

This last Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment.  I hadn't had one for three weeks, so it's always a random bunch of emotions that I go through.  Then it hit me. This is my "25 week ultrasound".  25 weeks was how far along I was when I had my last ultrasound with Calleigh Joy.  (Well, at least the last one that I actually watched!) The ultrasound where the tech kept saying over and over, "she has such a gorgeous heart, just look at her gorgeous heart!"  That same 25 week appointment where all was assured to me to be just fine so far.  That same 25 week appointment where I was told, "everything's great, we'll see you in two weeks for another quick check-up."

Yep, THAT 25 week appointment.

So obviously I went in to this appointment with THESE two babies with a bit of hesitation, and I swear if the tech would've even STARTED to say the word "gorgeous" I would've probably flew off the table and left right then and there.  Thankfully "that word" didn't escape from her mouth and as I lay there watching Payzleigh and Brayden, I couldn't help but steal a couple quick glances at Corey, too.   He hadn't seen them on the screen for seven weeks, so as he watched the tech look over each one of them there was a sense of pride in his eyes - a happy look - a thankful, mind blowing, miracle of a look - a look that I love to see him have.

The tech started with Brayden (she always does since he's 'Baby A') and did a quick look at some of his organs. She didn't do all the measuring and calculating that she had to do the past two scans, this was somewhat of a quick check-up.  Brayden stayed with his back to us or slightly to the side the entire time, so she was able to get NO good pictures of him.

Then she moved the wand up to Payzleigh.  She was facing forward so the tech changed the machine to the 4D setting to try to at least get some good pictures of her and I think what she saw surprised her!  She said, "the face you see is Baby Girl B with her arm up over her mouth."  Then she said, "oh my gosh, and this other arm here is her brother!"

  So there you have it! Payzleigh is jabbing Brayden in the ribs and Brayden is elbowing Payzleigh in the nose!  I sure hope this is not a definite sign of what's to come!!  :)

But seriously, for me the "dreaded" 27 week mark is a week and a half away, and I can not even begin to thank EVERYONE that has told me this past week that they are praying for me!  From people at my work, to people at Corey's work, to people that live in town with us, to the many friends that we have made from all over this world!  We appreciate and are thankful for each and every one of you!  Please continue to pray for these two precious little lives, I feel the prayers and don't know if I could get through some days with out them!

Today it has been 19 months since we said "hello and goodbye" to Calleigh Joy, and tomorrow is the annual Butterfly Release for children gone too soon in Lincoln.  It promises to be a beautiful day filled with lots of caring thoughts and memories as we remember our "Beautiful Happiness".

Peace and Love to All!!


  1. I pray for you all every night, the pictures are amazing, I love seeing that, you always wonder what goes on in there, obviously he is hogging the space and she isn't having any of it. MEN!! Thanks for sharing your private, most personal thought. God bless all of you. Give Corey a big hug for me. I miss everyone so bad. Take care of all of you. Marsh

  2. Here is one more my friend...PRAYING for you!!!!

  3. Kindy.....we have known each other for a long time.....I serve a BIG GOD! So when u r week lean on me and my faith!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!