Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A person’s a person, no matter how small . . .

My 27 week appointment - I really thought it would never get here!

 So, of course, I was a “tad” hesitant about it this morning, but since both Brayden and Payzleigh had given me a couple of good, hard, swift kicks already before I got to my doctor’s office, I wasn’t thinking the worst as I went in for my scheduled time. I checked in at the desk, paid part of my bill that is accumulating for me (my favorite part of the whole day – not), and then waited a couple minutes to go in. Katie, a new student nurse, called me back. She was very pleasant and easy to chat with, and when she strapped me up to the blood pressure monitor I asked her if she had been “warned”. She gave me a nervous glance, like she really wondered what that was about. She made the comment that the machine hated her and I said “don’t worry, it hates me too!” And soon enough she saw why. 161 over 99. Well, that was pretty good for me, for in the office. Then I dutifully handed her my sheet of “at home” blood pressures that I have been meticulously taking and recording since my last appointment when I brought in the previous document. Then she asked me if I had “white coat syndrome”. I said I did and that Dr. Kenney doesn’t pay attention to the ones here much as long as you put this sheet in my file, he’ll be happy.

 She then asked the normal questions: Headaches? No. Swelling? No. Nausea? No. Diarrhea, Constipation? No, No. Ok, come on in to room two.

 Once I was in there a nurse/tech that I don’t think I’ve had before came in and started. Corey was there, and we all chatted away (Corey, the tech/nurse, the student nurse Katie, and myself) and when she was explaining to us that we would be doing another whole body ultrasound to check measurements again, we explained some of our anxiety and how this is the week in our last pregnancy when we found out that our daughter had passed away. After the sympathetic sighs and I’m sorry’s, she started with Brayden (like usual!). He is still head down (YAY!!), and she measured his head, abdomen, stomach, leg bones, looked at his kidneys, and they are still trying to get a look at ever part of their hearts – but so far neither of them have cooperated! They’ve seen all four chambers, but have not had the opportunity to see every complete detail like they would like to. She informed us along the way that everything was looking normal.

 So, when she was finishing up with Brayden she asked me if he had always been measuring small. I told her that at each of the other “measuring” appointments he had measured one ounce smaller than his sister; the first one he was 8 oz. and she was 9 oz., and the second one he was 1 lb. and she was 1 lb. 1 oz. The tech just kind of nodded and moved the wand up to Payzleigh.

 Then she repeated the whole drill with her: measuring head circumference, abdomen, checking stomach and kidneys, leg bones and finally trying to see every detail of her heart. We saw the four chambers beating rhythmically, but again, not every detail that she was hoping for. When she was done with Payzleigh, she went back to Brayden to see if he had flipped over for her, and after a few gentle nudges she checked on Payzleigh’s position again.

 The were both not wanting to show much detail, but she did get a picture of Brayden’s foot intertwined with Payzleigh’s leg. I questioned how they could be so close since they are in different sacks, and she explained it to me that their sacks are like rubber gloves. They can feel each other, know each other are there, interact with each other, but there is a balloon-type-layer between them. That was a great analogy for me to kind of understand the true “closeness” that they are sharing in there!

Then she revealed what the scan showed; Brayden is measuring 1 lb. 13 oz. and Payzleigh is measuring 2 lbs. 4 oz. She quickly told me not to worry, but it didn’t take long for my brain to process that Brayden has fallen way farther behind Payzleigh than the “usual” one ounce. At this point they are almost a half a pound a part – and a half a pound is huge when you are talking about two pounds!

 No one at the office seemed overly concerned, but I could tell the thoughts are there. Dr. Kenney said they will do another measurement check at 32 weeks, and then we’ll decide from there what route to take, meanwhile, he wants to see me weekly for quick heartbeat checks. The tech said since they are on different placentas, that his might just be effected more from my high blood pressure, or it just isn’t getting the same blood flow as Payzleigh’s. He’s still in the 10th %, so she said at least he’s still on the chart. I told her I try to “rest” whenever I can, and she said that was good – get my feet up and rest whenever possible. (Easier said than done!)

Brayden - looking at us.  Payzleigh's legs all stretched out. Both of their heads together.

So, I headed back to work after my appointment, and while I was in my boss's office writing my next three weeks of appointments on the calendar, he asked how my office visit went.  Well, I lost it. Right there in his office.  I feel better this evening, but it is a scary road and a half a pound is a big deal to me.  So my new, specific prayer request is that Brayden will continue to stay healthy and will gain more weight! Next appointment is next Wednesday morning!

Peace and Love to All!

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