Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bifocals, Breathing, Babies & Blood Draws

Well, that pretty much sums up my week so far!

Monday was Labor Day. Monday I had the day off of work.  What better activity to schedule on a hot, end-of-summer, no work day then to go to the eye doctor???   I couldn't think of anything better, either - so Taylor and I headed in to Lincoln for our 12 noon and 12:15 appointments.  I NEEDED new glasses and Taylor needed new contacts.  When we got there we checked in and went to start looking at frames until it was our turn.  A few minutes later Taylor was called backed.  When the tech saw that we were together she had both of us come back at the same time to the room where they do the preliminary stuff: measure your eyes, tell them what note has the line going through it, which of the circles seem to pop out in 3-D, click when you see the blinking lights, and of course the awesome (NOT)  huge puff of air that they shoot directly in your eye!

So, after that stuff was done we went to the mini-waiting room to wait for the doctor.  When she called Taylor in to the exam room I asked if she wanted me to come in to, but the doctor said "no, she's fine".  So Taylor had her appointment and then they came out of the room and the doctor said that she had to increase her prescription again, then she said she was ready for me . . .

I had a seat in the chair and she swung the eye thing around in front of me.  She then asked how my near vision was doing.  UGH. Do I lie?  Or do I tell the truth?  Of course I told the truth.  I confessed to her that I have a hard time reading "up close" and usually just take off my glasses to do that.  She explained to me that around my age people start to think about bifocals, but that I'm still border-line and if I wanted to just keep doing what I was doing that was fine with her.  I decided that was the route I was going to take since I wasn't quite ready to take the "leap" to bifocals. 

When we were both done and I had picked out frames, we had a seat with an associate named Joseph.  As he looked at my chart he said in his big booming voice, "So, you are going with bifocals today?"  I glanced at Taylor and she had the look of sheer HORROR at the thought of her mother with bifocals!  She then responded, "Aren't bifocals for OLD people?"  I quietly assured her that I was NOT getting bifocals - yet. Then informed Joseph that I would be ordering regular glasses this time! 

Tuesday night was Corey and my last Lamaze class.  It was an amazing six weeks of focusing on Brayden and Payzleigh.  We enjoyed our time and just felt a sense of ease about the coming birth of these two precious gifts from God!

Wednesday morning was my weekly "quick appointment" at Dr. Kenney's office.  I love going in, being able to see their heartbeats, watching them on the screen and just having the assurance that everything looks great for another week.

The pictures in order are:  Brayden's heartbeat, Brayden hiding behind his arm (like usual!), Payzleigh's heartbeat, Payzleigh's smooshed face, and Payzleigh's foot.  There's not a lot of room anymore, so the chances of getting any more good pictures are probably pretty slim.

After my appointment I went straight to the lab. It was time for my two hour glucose screening.  Fun. Times. :)  This is done a bit differently then when I was pregnant with Calleigh. This time I had to fast for 8-12 hours, then go to the lab for a fasting blood draw, drink the gross, orange sugar drink, wait in the waiting room for one hour, get my blood drawn again, go back to the waiting room for another one hour wait, then back in the lab room for another blood draw.  All of that would be bad enough, except I am an EXTREMELY hard stick.  Lab people hate drawing my blood.  I go in and warn them, but rarely do they believe me until they try to find a vein.  My hands are the best option and what I've found is that some lab people don't like to try hands.  So, I get poked and prodded and my veins get dug in to - and finally they find my blood.  By the time I was out of there I was exhausted!

Tomorrow night we'll add "Ball Game" to our list of "B" things this week as Taylor has a volleyball game! Can't wait to see her play since we missed her first game Tuesday night while we were at our last "Breathing" class!

Love and Peace to All!

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  1. Sounds like a busy week! Thanks for the update on your 2 little ones :)