Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Breech Baby Boy and Twin Books!

Wow!  I can't believe it's been a whole month since I've posted anything.  So much has happened and so much has changed . . .  I'm not quite sure where to start!

 Well, for starters, I'm "retired" now!  :)  As much fun as I've had saying that, it's not exactly the truth.  I am blessed to have such a supportive husband who feels like I do, that these two kiddos need their momma to be home with them.  So I have gone on partial "bed rest" per Corey's demands, plus that allows me to do a few things around the house to get ready for their arrival and I can still keep up with many of Taylor's extra-curricular activities!

One thing I've enjoyed is reading about twins.  I've had two books recommended to me, 'Juggling Twins' and 'Twins 101'.  When I went on Amazon to find used versions of these I also started looking through the list of twin books for kids.  I found two stories in particular that the main characters are boy/girl twins; 'Twin to Twin' and 'Hello Twins'.  In 'Hello Twins' the main characters names are Charlotte & Simon and as Corey and I have read this book to our twins already, we've had fun changing the names in the book to Payzleigh & Brayden. It is a sweet story about how different each twin is, but how they are twins and they have each other!  (awwwwww!)  In 'Twin to Twin' the story emphasizes "double everything" and the inside cover reads:  "Double born. Twice the blessing. Double kids. Twice the messing. Twins mean double the kisses and double the fun. It's double the joy for everyone!"  As you can tell, we are having a lot of fun with this!!

Monday I hit the 32 week mark!  THIRTY TWO WEEKS!  I have to admit, 25 weeks ago I never, ever thought I'd get this far . . . THANK YOU to everyone who has kept us in your prayers these past several months!

Today I had my big ultra sound appointment.  This is the one where they were doing another weight check and a biophysical scan (where they watch them practice breathing, look at the blood flow in and out of the chords, look at the organs, etc...).  It had been five weeks since their last weight check and at the last one we found out that Brayden had fallen off a bit in his weight gain.  Well, today he was still down significantly, but his scan looked good.  He is measuring in at 3 lbs. 3 oz. and is still at the 10th percentile.  If he drops below the 10th or starts to show signs of distress they will be looking at getting him out.   And two weeks ago he flipped from being "head down" this whole time to being BREECH!  Well, today he is still breech and my "new favorite website" has become !  We are running out of time and he is running out of room, so he better get busy and get himself flipped around in there!  :)

But on a happier note;  he did turn his face briefly to camera today so we were able to get a couple of good face shots.

These are both Brayden, and in the top picture that is Payzleigh's foot that he is hugging!

Payzleigh is looking good, weighing in at 4 lbs. 2 oz. My blood pressure has been up the past couple weeks, but Dr. Kenney doesn't think it's anything right now that complete bed rest will help, so he said to continue on with the partial bed rest that Corey put me on!  (I think these two work together!)  Of course if other symptoms come up or situations change, all of that could change, too!  So for now he told me to take it easy (I HAVE BEEN!), and he will see me every week for a biophysical ultrasound and soon we will probably go to twice a week.

And here is Precious Payzleigh, showing off her full, pouty lips!

When we were done with my appointment, Corey and I went to the NICU and took a tour.  The charge nurse was very nice and showed us around and explained how the unit ran. Of course we are hoping to NOT have to use it! But, it's always good to be prepared!

Then we went out for lunch at the China Buffet and Mongolian Grill.  We hadn't been there before, and it was really good!  At the end of our meal I had a fortune cookie and my slip of paper said, " You will soon be crossing great waters on a fun vacation."  Hmmmmm.....  It made me smile!  :)

Love and Peace to All!!


  1. i love reading your blog sweetie and have had a good feeling about these babies before they even were and i'm SO happy you tried that one last time. i love you to pieces girl ! <3

  2. Oh just look at Payzleigh's gorgeous lips!!! I can't wait to see these little ones in a few weeks time!! Good to hear they are growing well. Now Mr B, turn for your Mama please!!
    Those twin books look delightful! One of my best friends' has boy/girl twins and if yours are anything like her two mischief makers, you've got your work cut out for you! Twins seriously have their own little world together, such absolutely joy!!
    Nat xx

  3. So excited for you! I can't wait for you (and us via photos!) to meet these 2 precious babies :) Hope Brayden turns soon for you too.

  4. Wow! God is so amazing! Brayden you turn around in the name of Jesus!

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