Thursday, October 18, 2012

You're Going to Have Two Babies Today

So today started out like any other day. I got up, got ready for my doctor's appointment (what I thought was just a normal 34 week appointment), and made the drive in to Lincoln with my mom.  After my appointment we were going to go to Bennet to watch Taylor and her show choir perform at the Senior Diner and at the Elementary school.

We walked in to Dr. Kenney's office, and then went back for the "normal" routine.  The only difference was that this time my blood pressure was 196 over 115.  WOW. It had been creeping up, but this was a bit out of hand.  The nurse took me to my room and I laid down so we could see the two precious little people that had already completely stole my heart.  They looked great on the screen. Good vitals, good movement, good practice breathing . . . But, when Dr. Kenney came in to the room and checked my chart he got a really concerned look on his face.

(First picture is Brayden's ear and second picture is Payzleigh's smooshed face.)

He said, "I think you're going to have two babies today".  I said, "NO, I'm NOT.  I didn't shave my legs!"  (he really didn't look like he cared)

He said he wanted me to go down to L&D and get monitored for an hour and if my blood pressure did not go down then he would deliver. Wait, What?  Deliver?  Corey's not here. I don't even have my hospital bag packed. (even thought Corey told me a couple hundred times to pack it) I have to go watch Taylor perform. I really thought I had a couple more weeks.

On our way down I called Corey at work. "You had better get here FAST!" I'm pretty sure I was shaking from pure nervousness.  When I got in a room, the nurses put the Doppler on my tummy and tried to keep track of each separate heartbeat while I was being monitored.  This proved to be quite the task and it required them using an ultrasound machine and one nurse to physically hold the monitor on Brayden.  Corey was there really quick and Dr. Kenney also came in to scope things out.  I don't know if my hour was completely up yet or not, but it wasn't looking too good, so he said "let's prep her".

My mom was still there and she asked what time frame we were looking at, and she was told "they'll be here within the hour".  It was at that point that I realized I didn't even get a final pregnancy photo, so right before they wheeled me away I asked our nurse to take a picture of Corey and I (doesn't he look great in scrubs?). Then I took one with my first two of MANY awesome nurses.

As I was wheeled in to the C-Section operating room I was so thankful that we had taken the time a few weeks ago to go on a tour of the NICU!  I knew right where I was going and where my babies were going to be right after they were born.  The C-Section itself took just a few minutes.  The thing that was really hard for me was not holding (or really even seeing) the babies when they were born.  I sent Corey with them to make sure they knew that Mommy and Daddy loved them very much.  Here are some of the first pictures Corey took.

(In order: Brayden right after birth, Payzleigh right after birth, first time I got to see and touch Payzleigh (2 pics), first time I got to see and touch Brayden (2 pics).)  I had to spend about an hour in recovery before I could get wheeled in to each of their rooms to see and touch them, but then I had to go to my room and wait for the spinal block to wear off, eat something, and be able to walk around before I could go to the NICU to  see them better.

The wait for me to go back to their rooms seemed like it took forever! Finally I was allowed to make the trek down to the NICU to get better acquainted with, touch and love on my babies.  By this time Taylor was there, too.  (The pics are the first time she is seeing Payzleigh and Brayden, her and her sister turned out blurry.)

One last picture of Mom, Taylor and me before they headed out for the night.  (yes, I still look pregnant!)

And a final set of pictures for the day.  Beautiful, perfect, touching, emotional footprints.  I can hardly believe they are here.  So many prayers have been said for these two little blessings that God has given us.  We are so thankful for them and we are totally, speechlessly in awe.

Love And Peace to All!

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