Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moving Week…

Not to a new town or a new house...

"MOVING": ** caused by a change of residence or location.        
** producing a deep emotional reaction, especially sadness or compassion.

Corey and I are in the process of moving our bedroom upstairs. That might not sound like a huge deal for most people, but I’m finding many obstacles along our way…

First of all, the room we are moving in to hasn’t been used as a bedroom for several years, so it has somewhat been accumulating treasures (AKA Junk!). SO… trying to go through the stuff that has been stored in there is like finding pieces of our history that are just begging me to re-live. I’ve found belongings from Taylor’s pageant days as 2001 Miss Nebraska Petite-Princess and 2003 Miss Nebraska Princess, I’ve found objects from Justen’s boy-scout days, all the way up to him getting his Eagle Scout. I’ve found Taylor’s princess things, Justen’s Berenstein Bears books, Taylor’s Polly Pockets, Justen’s Hot Wheels cars, Taylor’s Winnie-the-Pooh, Tea Pot & Shamrock collections, Justen's Children's Encyclopedia Set, the rag doll my Grandma Phillips made me and several other prized possessions. And as I re-live each of these items it has been an honored piece of our past and it has also been a constant reminder how I will never have these memories with Calleigh Joy. I know I’m really hormonal right now, but I have been on the verge of tears since we started this course of action.

Second of all, we were planning on this move upstairs while I was pregnant with Calleigh. The other room upstairs is her bedroom - the bedroom that we still have set up, the bedroom that still has her few tiny diapers in it, the bedroom that still has her crib, changing table, pack-n-play, clothes & stuffed animals in it. The bedroom that we originally wanted to move upstairs to so we could be closer to her, to hear her cries, to get her in the middle of the night, to pick her up out of her crib in the mornings as the sun came streaking in the new windows that Daddy put in her room. Well, on January 18th, 2011 all of those plans of moving upstairs were put on hold as our precious daughter that was so anticipated and loved was born straight in the arms of Jesus. It has taken me over thirteen months to be ready to make this move.

So why are we even scheduling this move now? Well, the “procedure” didn’t work this time, but we still have hope that it will in the future. So even though our hopes of CJ staying in her room have been crushed, we are hopeful that CJ will have a baby brother or sister that will make great use out of her beautiful room and belongings. AND Justen will be home on leave in a couple weeks! This did pose a problem when he came home for a couple weeks last April – no where for him to sleep! Taylor took over his room (and painted over the Nebraska Red & White with her favorites – Orange & Green) shortly after he left for the U.S. Coast Guard, and with the other upstairs room being used as a “treasure/history-storage-place”, we ended up placing his old mattress on the floor for him. Well, we are bound and determined to offer something a bit more ‘homey & cozy’ for him this year. With our grief not quite as raw as it was last year (but still there, as I’m convinced that it will never ‘go away’), we decided to go ahead with our move upstairs and to turn our bedroom we are in now to an office/spare room. So… the clock is ticking!

As you can tell, this truly has been a moving (change of location) week as well as a moving (deep emotional reaction) week! Thank God this is NOT my home! :)

Peace and Love to All!

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