Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I’ve fallen, and I barely got up…

Yep, it’s true. Yesterday was a beautiful day so on my (almost) daily walk after work with the “boys” (our two dogs, NOT talking about the twins here since I strongly think they are two girls…) I fell. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t fun, it was down-right dangerous, and yet I can thank God that He protected me and the twins from anything more than some bumps and bruises.

 So there we were, walking down a sidewalk that I had strolled down hundreds (if not thousands) of times before. But yesterday was such a beautiful day, and the butterflies were out in groves – much, much more than I normally see on my walk. So my mind might have been a bit preoccupied. Or maybe very preoccupied. Well anyway, as we were walking I fell. I don’t remember there being anything there but maybe a rock was on the sidewalk, or maybe the sidewalk was a bit uneven, or maybe I just plain stepped down wrong. I don’t know. But the next thing I knew I was on the ground and in a lot of pain. Thankfully the pain was not in my stomach area – it was mostly in my right foot, knee and hand. As I took a half a second to assess the situation I realized that as I fell I had let go of Jake’s leash. Jake is our “naughty” dog. He’s not really naughty, but we got him when he was a year and half old and if he gets out or loose – he doesn’t come back when he’s called. But he is such a loving dog, that that usually makes up for his lack of listening skills.

 OK, so there I am, on the ground, looking at Jake as he’s looking at me. We’re both just daring each other with our eyes, and then he bolted. Fortunately there was a near-by tree that he stopped to “mark”, so that gave me a couple seconds to try to catch up with him. As I was almost to him, he bolted across the street. My eyes darted down a block and realized there was a car approaching fairly fast (darn high school boy drivers!), so I did something with out even thinking… I pounced. NO, it was not smart. NO, I wasn’t thinking. NO, I was not exercising good judgment.

 As Jake was over half way across the street, the end of his leash was still a good five feet behind him, so that is what I was going for. I leapt out and grabbed the small thin cord of his leash and held on for dear life. When I realized I had caught it I pulled Jake to the side of the road with all my strength and as I crouched there on my hands and knees (still holding on to Ziggy’s leash through this whole ordeal that lasted 15 minutes in my mind, but in reality it only lasted about five seconds!) the car that was quickly approaching (and saw this whole nightmare) stopped in the middle of the road and asked me half laughing, “are you OK?” I said “I really don’t think so” and he said “OK” and drove away… the reality of what I had just done was really starting to sink in. Just then a couple of elementary kids on bikes came up to me and told me that Ziggy was loose (I guess in the craziness of the situation I had finally let go of his leash) and I told them he wouldn’t go anywhere, so the boys rode off. I sat on the edge of the road and realized my foot (yes, I was in flip-flops – DO NOT LECTURE ME!) was bleeding, my knee was skinned up and my hand looked kind of like hamburger. I stood up and in a great deal of pain I proceeded to limp my way to parents’ house that was about five blocks away.

 As I was hobbling down the streets of Palmyra, I really hoped no one was looking out their windows and saw what a mess I was – tears streaming down my face, bloody foot, limping knee, bruised ego… I got about one block from my parents’ house when I remembered that I had my cell phone with me! Not only could’ve I called for someone to come pick me up, I could’ve called for someone to help me get Jake – but I suppose that’s what adrenaline is for!

 My mom fixed me up, gave me something to soak my foot in and let me rest for a while… and she only lectured me a tiny little bit. When I felt a bit better I headed for home and promised her that I would call the doctor or go to the ER if I started having any cramping or bleeding. That evening was spent taking it easy, laying around and monitoring myself pretty closely. When Corey came home from work, I told him the events of the afternoon and he was ready to take me in that evening. But I promised that I would call Dr. Kenney’s office first thing in the morning and let them know what happened and see what they suggested. He was OK with that, as long as I assured him that I would let him take me in that evening if I got worse. That night was awfully painful, my neck, shoulder, hand, knee and foot all ached. I couldn’t take any ibuprofen and was a bit scared to take anything else, so as I lay in bed all I could do was rest my eyes and pray that morning came quickly.

 The next morning I called the office and they wanted to see me. (No surprise there) So I headed in to Lincoln and arrived at my doctor’s office as soon as I could. I was a nervous wreck. I just kept praying, praying, praying that “Twin B” & “Twin A” were all right. Finally I got called back from the waiting area, and after explaining what happened to two different nurses one of them “hooked me up” to the ultrasound machine. And there they were - two perfect, healthy, wiggly, little babies. Their heartbeats were exactly what they had been during my appointment just a week ago, but if I could’ve – I would’ve laid there all day watching them!

So when Dr. Kenney appeared and assessed the damage, I asked him if he still wanted me to come in next week for my previously scheduled appointment. He said since I was there yesterday I could push that one back another week, but assured me that if anything changed or if I had any problems that I was to call right away. So… my next appointment (providing I don’t have any more accidents) that was supposed to be May 2nd is now May 9th! Prayers are very much appreciated!!!

 Oh yeah, and after giving this a bit of thought – I’ve decided to stick with Pre-Natal Yoga! That way if I fall off my yoga ball, I’ll be the only one that sees it! :) 

Love and Peace to All!

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  1. I am so glad to hear you are ok and so happy to see those sweet babies on the screen :) I hope to see you at the link up tomorrow. I made something for you on my Sunday post!