Thursday, April 19, 2012

Update on Twin B & Twin A . . .

If you noticed I called them Twin B and Twin A. . . This is going to be confusing because the one that was called "Twin A" in Omaha is called "Twin B" in Lincoln!  I realized that I've only 'known' about both of them for 10 days, but Corey and I have become quite fond of talking to them and calling them A & B - now we'll have to switch up which one is which one!  :)

To be quite honest if this is the only 'bump' in the road we run in to I will be VERY HAPPY!!!  :)

Well, if you haven't figured it out, my appointment today went really good.  I was a bit nervous going in - LITERALLY going in to his office.  I paused at the front door, the last time I had stood at that door was January 17th, 2011. We had just gotten the devastating news at my OB's office that Calleigh's heartbeat could not be found and they sent me here to confirm that with an ultrasound.  So, as I paused at the front door with my hand resting on the door handle, I had to stop a moment and remind myself to breathe.

We went through the door, checked in, filled out paperwork, and before I knew it they were calling me back. After a quick check of some vitals (yes, my blood pressure is elevated some - we will need to continue to pray about that!), I was ushered in to Ultrasound Room #2.  I quickly glanced at Corey as we both realized that that was "the room". . .  As we were left in there alone for a minute, Corey asked me if I was OK.  I told him yes, but really all I was thinking about was praying that this time in Room #2 we would have a different outcome than the time before. That this time when we were done we wouldn't need to be ushered out the back door when it was over.

The nurse and student came in and as she started the scan she said "oh boy, your bladder is full".  I had JUST WENT before leaving my house, geesh!  But she was so kind, she showed me TWO heartbeats before she made me go 'empty it'!  :)

I got back to the room, and we continued with the scan.  She took lots of measurements, talked to me the whole way through it, telling me everything she was measuring, looking for, looking at, where the placenta for each is located (one on the front of my uterus, one on the back side), when she was done she said Dr. Kenney would be right in.

When he came in I instantly felt at ease with him.  I had worried that only seeing this high risk doc would make me seem like a 'number' at his office, but he assured us that as his patient we would be extended an "open door policy".  So if I had a concern or problem I could call and get in that very day!  AND he told me that he will do an ultrasound EVERY single visit!  We talked about losing Calleigh last year and his single most concern for us seemed to be that at least one of our babies would have about a 50% chance of having Down Syndrome.  He kept talking about delivery, and about how he could deliver vaginally if the first twin is normal and the second one is breech, but if the first one is breech then we'd have to do a C-Section right away.  As he kept talking about delivery and what would happen "down the road" I felt something that I hadn't felt since we had the positive pregnancy test - - I felt like there really was a chance that my babies would be coming home to live with us!  That emotion was so unfamiliar to me, but oh so sweet to finally feel! Not that we are out of any woods yet, BUT I did allow myself to think more about what would be happening in 7 months!  :)

So here are the pics of our beautiful twins - Twin B and Twin A!

 My next appointment is in two weeks! Keep us in your prayers!

Love and Peace to All!


  1. Kindy I am so very happy for you!!! I love reading about the twins, I will be praying everyday for them and you!

  2. So happy for you!!! Will be Praying for you all! Jennifer

  3. What wonderful news! Such cute little babies you have too :)!


  4. Kindy, I'm praying for you all! It is so exciting to know there are 2 babies growing stronger everyday. Ours are going to be 32 this summer and when they were born the hospital named them Master A & Master B - Because I had a c-section B became A and vice versa.

    Praying God's blessings for you and Cory!