Monday, March 26, 2012

He’s leaving on a jet plane….

Why do kids have to grow up and leave home? (That’s a rhetorical question…)

I know, I know – we raise them to become responsible adults and to make a difference in the world and to utilize their God-given talents to His glory. I know all of that. But why does it hurt so much? (again, rhetorical.)

I should probably be used to this by now. He’s been gone almost 3 years.

I should be thankful for the few weeks he comes home once a year - When he gets involved with someone and decides it’s time to “settle down” the time he spends at home will have to be divided with another family.
Don’t get me wrong, I totally enjoyed and took advantage of the three weeks he was here! But in the back of my mind I knew we would be sending him off again way sooner then we would like to.

What our three weeks entailed:

Watched Taylor’s Concerts & Competitions, Went to an NU Baseball Game, Went Fishing(3 times), Enjoyed Family Meals (Both Sides), Church, Helped with AWANA, Visited His Baby Sister at the Cemetery and Helped Dad Change the Decorations on Her Grave from Winter to Spring, Gave Blood for the FFA Red Cross Blood Drive, Met with Friends, Went Paintballing with Friends, Celebrated His Sister’s 16th Birthday, Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day (On the Same Day as His Sister’s Birthday), Helped Dad after Hand/Wrist Surgery, Went Bowling, Had Family Movie Nights, Saw the High School Musical “Annie” Where his Sister was Part of the Crew, Went to an Awesome Men’s Conference with Dad, Observed Daylight Savings Time by Losing an Hour of Sleep, Watched His Sister Get Commissioned for her Short Term Mission Trip Next Week, Ushered in the Season of Spring with some Beautiful Weather in Nebraska and lots of Blooming Spring Flowers, Helped Dad Clean the Garage, Picked up Sticks Out of the Yard, Helped do Dishes (This was a vacation for Taylor!), Enjoyed a Fire in the Fire Pit, Went to the Funeral of a Classmate’s Dad, Attended the College–Age Bible Studies, SPOILED the Dogs, Treated His Family to Supper at HuHot, Helped Stuff Ruck Sacks for the Mexicali Missions Trip, Got an Unusual Tan in Nebraska in March (and Much Needed with all the Rain/Clouds in Washington), Threw the Football around with Taylor, Spent Some Amazing Family Time Together, Slept In (he WAS on vacation), etc…

WHEW, after all of that he’ll probably be happy to go back to work for the U.S. Coast Guard! :)

Now… what am I going to do next week when Taylor’s in Mexico???????

Love and Peace to All! :)

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  1. Kindy how sad....but it sounds like he had fun at home. My oldest son is 14 I dread the day we have to say goodbye. I know the day will come oh if only they could stay little. He sounds like a sweet boy, he will make some young lady very happy.