Friday, March 30, 2012

Mexico or Bust . . .

Today Taylor is on her way to Mexico… And I will admit - I am extremely jealous! I love Mexico - - I love the people in Mexico, I love the dirt in Mexico, I love the hugs in Mexico, I love the teens from Nebraska that I’ve been in charge of in Mexico, I love the forever friends that I’ve made in Mexico, I love singing Mexican songs, I love the kids that I’ve taught about Jesus in Mexico, I love the women that I’ve sewn with in Mexico, I love worshipping in Mexico under the stars of the big dark night sky during chapel, I love the different times that I’ve spent with Corey, Justen and Taylor in Mexico, I love Mexican food, I love the community in Mexico that I’ve built buildings with, painted walls with, cleaned up zoos with, buried dead dogs with - - I JUST PLAIN LOVE MEXICO!!!

This is my second year in a row NOT going to Mexico. Last year I was due with Calleigh the week they were scheduled to go to Mexico. (So my hubby thought I probably shouldn’t go…) This year… I don’t know, I just didn’t really feel “lead” to go. I didn’t really feel strongly NOT to go either. I don’t know, sometimes decisions need to be made and there is just no turning back. I’m sure (like with everything else in life) that there’s a reason I’m not on the RV that’s bumping its way half way across the United States, or that I’m not getting ready to fly out tomorrow morning on an airplane headed for San Diego then in a van across the mountains on it’s way to Mexico. I’m just not quite sure what that reason is yet…

But enough about me, I want to say how proud I am of Taylor that she is going again this year! Taylor has a heart of gold (even if she is blonde and ditzy), and she cares so much for other people and their feelings. This will be Taylor’s 4th trip to Mexico. Last year she opted out of going. When we found out I was due with Calleigh the week of the Mexicali trip, Taylor immediately decided that she would rather be home to meet her new baby sister right away then to chance it being in Mexico. Then, when we had to say goodbye to Calleigh way too soon I asked Taylor if she wanted to go and I would talk to the youth pastor. She thought long and hard and even though she really wanted to go she thought it would be best to be home with the family during this trying time, and that worked out great since Justen came home, my brother and his family from North Carolina came home and we had Calleigh’s burial of her ashes - all that week.

But this trip to Mexico is so much more than one week across the border and one day in San Diego. This trip (always the week before Easter) starts way back in November for the kids and way earlier than that for the leaders in charge. This trip has been planned, prayed for, practiced and put together for several months. This trip is the highlight of the entire year for many who “go”. This trip is also the best part of the year for many of the kids in Mexico.

It is a time to truly “Love Your Neighbor”. Mexico is our neighboring country and I teach my Cubbies that their neighbor is everyone on this earth, so when the RV from Lincoln, Nebraska pulls up at a church in Mexico – those kids from Nebraska are ready to love their neighbors in Mexico. It’s not always fun and games… It gets hot, tiring, people start wearing on each others nerves, but somehow (through the power of prayer) the kids and leaders manage to pull everything together and focus on Jesus’ love and the reason they all made the trip. There will be singing, there will be games, there will be puppets and oh so much more… and as I continue to type this I am SO ready to book my flight for tomorrow morning and just kind of “show up”! (don’t you think Taylor would find that fun!?!?) :)

A prayer itinerary was e-mailed and I decided that I’m going to post that day’s prayer focus on my facebook page every day, but here I’m going to list them for the entire week:

Friday – 3/30 – Travel
“Pray for safety while traveling.”
There was an RV of 12 students and adults that left from Country Bible Church this morning at 7 am. Pray for the drivers that they will stay focused and rested, pray for the students that they will enjoy this time of bonding and having fun and that they will remember to rest up for their busy week.

Saturday – 3/31 – Travel
“Pray for our attitude, humility and prepared hearts.”
On this day, 4 people will fly out of Omaha and fly in to San Diego, CA. They will rent a van, take care of some details then drive across the mountains and in to Mexico. The group that left Friday on the RV will hopefully get to camp in Mexico early afternoon and have time to set up tents, unpack and shower before the start of their busy week.

Sunday – 4/1 – Ministry
“Pray that we would be able to clearly present the Gospel throughout the week, despite language barriers. Pray for team unity.”
This is the first day of VBS! Pray that the students will remember what was practiced and that everything would run smoothly. Also pray that those more “shy” kids will find a friend and will feel the love of Jesus.

Monday – 4/2 – Ministry
“Pray for God’s work in the hearts of the Mexican people and for our relationships with the Pastors and leadership.”
Day 2 for VBS! This year with the group being so small, they will be doing 2 VBS’s every day at 2 different churches! So DOUBLE the kids to love on!

Tuesday – 4/3 – Ministry
“Pray for our safety and health.”
On this 3rd day of VBS exhaustion can set in! Immune systems can get wore down. Pray the team is drinking plenty of water, getting some rest (I’m not dumb, I know they won’t get plenty of rest until they get home – just pray they are getting enough!), and staying with the task at hand!

Wednesday – 4/4 – Ministry
“Pray that the called accept Christ.”
On this 4th Day of VBS the gospel is presented VERY CLEARLY! It is presented every day, but on this day it is really focused on the whole lesson! Pray for hearts that are ripe to accept God’s perfect plan of Salvation.

Thursday – 4/5 – Ministry
“Pray that we ‘finish well’ and for a safe and uneventful border crossing.”
This is the 5th and last day of VBS. WOW, this is such an emotional day… Nerves can be wearing thin, but no one wants to leave their new friends. Plans are plotted about sneaking kids across the border (jokingly of course) and wishes of “I wish I could stay”, “I wish we could come more than once a year”, “I wish this week didn’t go so fast”. . . . etc… Goodbyes are always hard and tearful.

Friday – 4/6 – Debrief in San Diego
“Pray that we remember the mission isn’t over.”
This is a day of reflection and fun in the sun. A day to celebrate a week of hard work, but to remember who and what we left across the border.

Saturday – 4/7 – Travel
“Pray for safe travel home.”
The RV heads back to Lincoln late Friday night, and the flyers will leave Saturday morning. Pray for safety again for the drivers as they have had a long hard week also, and are now staying up Friday night and Saturday night to drive back to Nebraska. Pray the kids will be respectful and loving towards one another, even though they will be tired and worn out!

Sunday – 4/8 – Easter
The RV is scheduled to be getting back to Country Bible Church between 3 and 8 a.m. “He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!”

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  1. I am a little late but I will be praying all week....How very awesome!