Saturday, March 3, 2012

Strength Like An Eagle...

Well, we definitely found out today that 100 years ago no one built houses so a queen-size bed would be able to go up it's stairs.

My beautiful wood beams that go up the kitchen side of the staircase have been sawed off and our perfectly good box-spring has been torn apart. BUT, our bed is officially up to our "new" Winnie the Pooh room. Oh yeah, and Corey told me yesterday that he didn't want me to paint over Winnie and Friends - it just wouldn't be the same. (I'm pretty sure he was kidding to make me feel like all of those hours I spent painting that room 12 years ago was appreciated!) :)

This morning as I was reading the 31 Days to Pray for Your Spouse, the focus was on his strength. Philippians 4.13 says, I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. As I was praying for Corey, I prayed for him to have supernatural strength and that he would rise up on wings like eagles. Little did I know what strength he would need today as he/we fought with the "bed problem" for several hours! :)

As I was going through 31 Days of Praise I was reminded "that the Lord blesses me through times of worship and praise, often with tears of joy mingled with sadness". And that even though our plan of moving upstairs was to be by Calleigh's room, that we are not commanded to FEEL thankful in every situation, we are commanded simply to GIVE thanks. So even though I don't FEEL thankful that Calleigh is not here with us, I can GIVE thanks for the time we had with her and the profound impact she had (and still has) on our lives!

So, we are officially moved out of our "Eagle Room". May we continue to have strength as we face each day!

Love and Peace to All!

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